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He is so Romantic

A beautiful evening, we were relaxing by the pool at the condo that my parents own. The air was just starting to get cool and the sun had just set.

It was an amazing day! Earlier we went for a lovely walk down by the beach and afterward my boyfriend cooked an amazing dinner for me that would have rivaled any 4 star restaurant I had ever been to.

We moved to a hammock and were slowly rocking in silence; it was a perfect moment. We were quietly just enjoying one another when he started to tickle my arm. When I looked down I saw he was holding a little box. He opened it and asked if I could have the honor of agreeing to be his wife.

I could not believe it! It was something I was hoping would happen for a long time and I just started crying. Of course I said yes, and we walked down by the beach and spent the whole night just cuddling and watching the stars together until sunrise.

- Submitted By JO (Monterey, CA) on Fri, Jan 15th 2010, 09:14

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