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On the trail

My boyfriend and I love to hike and just spend time out and about in the outdoors. We had been together for 5 and a half years and from the beginning I knew that there was something very special about him. I knew that someday we would get married. I never told him that but I just had a really good feeling. What I didn’t think was that I would have to wait 5 years for an engagement ring! But it was all worth it when he finally asked me to marry him.

It happened on a day that came as a total surprise to me only because I thought the circumstances would have been different. I kind of had this idea of the proposal taking place at a really nice restaurant or some other romantic local but I guess that was what he thought I probably would be thinking so he diverged.

We were out hiking and he decided at one point where the trail split to take a path that we had never taken, and the reason why we never took that particular trail was that it involved a lot of hands-on climbing up some very steep and somewhat mountainous terrain. So I asked him what he had in mind and if he really wanted to try getting into a huge climb. He just said he wanted to show me something and started down the trail. I really wasn’t in the mood for a diversion but if it was something that he wanted to show me then fine; even though I thought I knew of everything there was to see down that particular path. Frankly, it wasn’t only that but, it was already kind of mid to late afternoon and I was only dressed for just some moderate exertion and not the type of work that a full-on climb would involve. As we rounded a bend the rocky face came into view I could see the path cut up under the low trees and disappear into the boulders at the base of the mountain. He smiled and told me to come on. When we got to a small rise a little ways from the rocks he took off running and hopped up onto the rocks. I watched him turn to the right and drop into an area between two large boulders. I called out to him and he just yelled back a muffled “hurry up!” I was beginning to get a annoyed as I picked up my pace. When I got to the rocks I climbed up on to the first boulder and pulled myself up to where I had previously watched him disappear into the crevice. My annoyance was turning to mild frustration at the idea that he would run off like that but more so on account of the way he was urging me to hurry up! Finding a foot hold I quickly heaved myself up on to the rock that he so easily scaled and I wrangled myself to edge of the crevice panting and somewhat wasted. I turned right just as he had done and I looked down into what seemed like a large flat basin in a carved out separation in the rocks. To my surprise I saw Mark down on one knee holding a box. His eyes were bright and moist. He looked ready to explode with joy that I could see bubbling up behind his eyes. I stepped down into the basin and looked at him with utter surprised! He opened the box and I saw the diamond engagement ring.. I said, “Yes!” before he even had a chance to ask. He stopped me and said, “ Wait, I have been wanting to do this for a long time…” He asked me again and I said yes again and again!

It was a strange place for an engagement looking back, but it was a fitting place because we have since really gotten into bouldering! In fact we just got back from the Gunks in up-state New York. It was our 3 year anniversary trip!

- Submitted By T. Mason (Fort Payne, AL) on Fri, Jan 15th 2010, 07:52

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