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"Will you marry my Daddy?"

Josh and I met at the dog park. Every Sunday, I would take my poodle, Curly Sue to the dog park. I would always notice Josh with his golden retriever, Buddy, but I was to shy to approach him.
One Sunday, Curly Sue and Buddy got into it—they were chasing each other all around—Curly Sue was going after Buddy even though Buddy was twice her size. I stepped in to intervene—as did Josh. We began to talk and one thing lead to another. Before I knew it, we were happily dating- going to the movies, going out to dinner, and of course taking our precious pooches to the dog park for walks.
Things started to get serious, and I sensed that Josh might be proposing soon. I was on pins and needles trying to figure out when and where he would do it. He completely caught me off guard one Sunday before our trip to the dog park.
I rang the doorbell, as usual but I noticed that the front door was slightly open. I pushed the door open, called for Josh. As I did, Buddy ran up to me. He was wearing one of those dog- t shirts—which I thought was strange—Josh wasn’t the type to dress his dog. I looked closer at the t-shirt and gasped—it said “Will you marry my Daddy?” Buddy jumped up, and on his collar was my engagement ring. Josh appeared in the doorway with a huge smile, just in time for me to say YES!

- Submitted By Sandy (Sacramento, CA) on Thu, Jan 14th 2010, 09:12

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