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At Grand Station Terminal

Ever since I was a little girl getting married has always seemed like such a magical experience. From the day I knew what it meant to get engaged, I had visions of what it would look like but I could never have imagined what actually happened when my husband proposed to me. We were going out for a fancy dinner in New York City with both of our families for my 27th birthday. We were making our way to the restaurant which was located in Grand Central Station. My boyfriend at the time turned to me as we were passing the famous clock in the middle and said “hey isn’t this your favorite clock? Do you want a picture?” With no hesitation I said “of course!”, and went to pose for a picture as he then proceeded to get down on one knee and proposed to me. I was in shock and couldn’t help but start crying out of complete joy. As I was trying to get my answer out a crowd started to form around us and my family that was already clapping! It def. reached the expectations I had as a little girl and I will never forget the moment I got engaged!

- Submitted By Nicole (Harrison, New York) on Wed, Jan 13th 2010, 15:16

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