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My first Christmas

My fiancé decided to propose to me this past Christmas to give me something happy to think about during the holiday. My Mother had passed away in April, and this was going to be my first Christmas without her. My fiancé knew that I was really struggling and so he saved the ring for the last gift. The ring was in a gorgeous box and as it turned out the box had a false door in the bottom. So after what seemed like forever he finally told me that the box opened from the bottom. When I finally opened the box the ring fell out and immediately dropped down onto one and in a stumbling voice asked me to marry him! When I realized what was happening it blew me away. My grief was replaced with joy and told him yes! From the bottom of my heart Yes!

- Submitted By Ashley M. (Houston, TX) on Tue, Jan 12th 2010, 14:48

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