Love Stories

You What!!???

Feb 3, 2006, which happens to be my fiancees birthday. We went out to eat at one of our favorite French places to celebrate. The whole time everything was going great and it was the first time we had gone out together for dinner in the New Year. Then the bill came and I paid, and we left. On the way out he tells me he doesnt like how things are going and they need to change. Now this whole time I’m thinking he’s going to break up with me, and he goes along with it all the way to the car. When we get to the car he looks at me and says this isn’t working out, and I’m think, “WHAT are you talking about!!?” We’ve been together for 7 months, Valentines is coming and we just celebrated your bday, what do you mean? And drops down and proposes on the spot! I was blown away, I didn’t know what to think, and frankly I could have killed him!! That whole time he makes me think he’s dumping me and he does this!! It’s something he says I’ll never forget, and it makes me laugh.

- Submitted By TAM (Islip, LI, NY) on Thu, Jan 21st 2010, 11:13

Down by the River

Mark had planned it for like 2 months and I had no idea. It was on our 5 year anniversary of dating and he took me down to ColdSpring to have dinner the Riverview restaurant overlooking the Hudson River and West Point. The sun was setting over Storm King and it was very romantic.

So we eat dinner and he is and he begins giggling and he can’t stop! So we finish and he tells me that there was a surprise back at our house and that’s what he was excited about. Well he had me completely convinced we were going home, so we get in the car after dinner and start driving down the street, when we come to the turn off of 9d where were supposed to turn he keeps going, turns and heads back to the restaurant.

So we pull into the parking lot and I am completely confused wondering why we returned and he said we were staying for 3 days in the Inn next door! I was so excited and little did I know he had packed my bags, which were hiding in the back seat. We go into the Inn or Bed and Breakfast and go straight to the room, we get to the door and he tells me to close my eyes … that’s when I KNEW IT! And of course I start to tear up as I close my eyes.

He led me into the room. And when I opened my eyes the room was filled with roses and candles and he was on his knee asking me to marry him. It was the best night of my life, the roses even had little cards in them that read “Will you marry me?” — It was the most amazing day of my life!!!

- Submitted By k. Goening (Beacon, NY) on Thu, Jan 21st 2010, 11:04

On the Vegas Strip

My proposal was kind of a non-proposal.

We were at lunch with his parents and he kept looking at me strangely all day. We got home and I asked what was going and why the looks, he said he was going to ask me to marry him but figured my parents were going to make a big deal about it.

I said, ‘Forget that, let’s just go to Vegas!‘and he asked quizzically if that was something I really wanted to do figuring that I really wanted a big family wedding. I said YES! and we booked it then and there. We flew out exactly 2 weeks later and got married at the Little White Chapel on the Strip.”

- Submitted By B. L. Tenley (Richmond, VA) on Thu, Jan 21st 2010, 10:55

He is so Romantic

A beautiful evening, we were relaxing by the pool at the condo that my parents own. The air was just starting to get cool and the sun had just set.

It was an amazing day! Earlier we went for a lovely walk down by the beach and afterward my boyfriend cooked an amazing dinner for me that would have rivaled any 4 star restaurant I had ever been to.

We moved to a hammock and were slowly rocking in silence; it was a perfect moment. We were quietly just enjoying one another when he started to tickle my arm. When I looked down I saw he was holding a little box. He opened it and asked if I could have the honor of agreeing to be his wife.

I could not believe it! It was something I was hoping would happen for a long time and I just started crying. Of course I said yes, and we walked down by the beach and spent the whole night just cuddling and watching the stars together until sunrise.

- Submitted By JO (Monterey, CA) on Fri, Jan 15th 2010, 09:14

On the trail

My boyfriend and I love to hike and just spend time out and about in the outdoors. We had been together for 5 and a half years and from the beginning I knew that there was something very special about him. I knew that someday we would get married. I never told him that but I just had a really good feeling. What I didn’t think was that I would have to wait 5 years for an engagement ring! But it was all worth it when he finally asked me to marry him.

It happened on a day that came as a total surprise to me only because I thought the circumstances would have been different. I kind of had this idea of the proposal taking place at a really nice restaurant or some other romantic local but I guess that was what he thought I probably would be thinking so he diverged.

We were out hiking and he decided at one point where the trail split to take a path that we had never taken, and the reason why we never took that particular trail was that it involved a lot of hands-on climbing up some very steep and somewhat mountainous terrain. So I asked him what he had in mind and if he really wanted to try getting into a huge climb. He just said he wanted to show me something and started down the trail. I really wasn’t in the mood for a diversion but if it was something that he wanted to show me then fine; even though I thought I knew of everything there was to see down that particular path. Frankly, it wasn’t only that but, it was already kind of mid to late afternoon and I was only dressed for just some moderate exertion and not the type of work that a full-on climb would involve. As we rounded a bend the rocky face came into view I could see the path cut up under the low trees and disappear into the boulders at the base of the mountain. He smiled and told me to come on. When we got to a small rise a little ways from the rocks he took off running and hopped up onto the rocks. I watched him turn to the right and drop into an area between two large boulders. I called out to him and he just yelled back a muffled “hurry up!” I was beginning to get a annoyed as I picked up my pace. When I got to the rocks I climbed up on to the first boulder and pulled myself up to where I had previously watched him disappear into the crevice. My annoyance was turning to mild frustration at the idea that he would run off like that but more so on account of the way he was urging me to hurry up! Finding a foot hold I quickly heaved myself up on to the rock that he so easily scaled and I wrangled myself to edge of the crevice panting and somewhat wasted. I turned right just as he had done and I looked down into what seemed like a large flat basin in a carved out separation in the rocks. To my surprise I saw Mark down on one knee holding a box. His eyes were bright and moist. He looked ready to explode with joy that I could see bubbling up behind his eyes. I stepped down into the basin and looked at him with utter surprised! He opened the box and I saw the diamond engagement ring.. I said, “Yes!” before he even had a chance to ask. He stopped me and said, “ Wait, I have been wanting to do this for a long time…” He asked me again and I said yes again and again!

It was a strange place for an engagement looking back, but it was a fitting place because we have since really gotten into bouldering! In fact we just got back from the Gunks in up-state New York. It was our 3 year anniversary trip!

- Submitted By T. Mason (Fort Payne, AL) on Fri, Jan 15th 2010, 07:52

At Work

I just want to share very quickly my engagement story. It is short but here goes. Last Monday I arrived at work and when I got to my desk there was a note on my chair from my boss saying that he needed to speak with me. I walked in and he gave me a package and told me to bring it down stairs and give it to a man who was waiting in a car out by the curb. So wanting to please him I quickly took the package and hurried down to the front entrance. As I exited and was approaching the curb I noticed that my boyfriend was there. I walked up to him and he told me to open the package. I was very confused at this point but I started to open it up when I noticed that he started to get down on one knee. By the time he was in place I finished opening the package and to my amazment it was a jewelry box. He told me that he loved me and asked if I would marry him. I started to freak out as I peeked into the box and saw the most georgous ring I had ever seen. I said of course, YES!! It was the biggest surprise of my life. And the BEST!

- Submitted By Tes A. (Portland, ME) on Thu, Jan 14th 2010, 13:41

The 30 year wait...

My fiancé and I are high school sweethearts. We went to the same school, and have stood the tests of time over the last 15yrs.
Samuel and I decided when we were younger that we wanted to wait until we were 30yrs old before we got engaged. I can tell you that over the years I secretly wished we had never made that promise…it was too long to wait!!
I have known I wanted to marry Sam since I was 17, but I can tell you that it was worth the wait!
We decided for our 30th birthdays (we are only a week apart in age) that we would treat ourselves to a vacation in Florida. I told my girlfriends that I had a feeling this was the time that he was FINALLY going to propose! What he didn’t know, was that I had already picked out my dress, my hair style AND where I wanted our reception!!
By the last day of our vacation I was so afraid he wouldn’t ask, that I had been wrong, and I was so very sad and disappointed. We were sitting at dinner and Sam asked me what was wrong, why I looked so sad, and if I had not had a good time on our holiday.
I wanted to blurt out “you haven’t proposed!!!!!” but I just smiled and said of course I had a great time, and was just sad to be going home.
He then took my hand and looked deep into my eyes, and said “I know you too well after 15yrs, and I think I know why you are so sad”. He then put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the most beautiful ring I had every seen!! “Will this make you as happy as it will make me?” he asked!
I of course burst into tears, and said “Yes” to the applause of all the other people in the restaurant seated around us. We are getting married next month, and I could not be happier! He was definitely worth the wait.

- Submitted By Elizabeth (Dunwoody, GA) on Thu, Jan 14th 2010, 09:17

Highschool Sweethearts

My fiancé Eric and I started dating in high school, but there is much more to our story than the average High School sweet hearts! By the beginning of senior year we had been dating for about 5 months. We were all making tough decisions about what college to attend and what on earth we would be doing with our lives. Eric had made the choice to join the US Navy. It was a shocking decision because of our relationship, but I respected his decision and had faith that if we were meant to be it would all work out.
When the day came for him to leave we decided to officially break up as to prevent hurting each other while separated for 4 years. During my years at college we spoke and wrote to each other when ever he was able to. Even though there were times when he was not able to contact me for months I always knew in my heart that he was the one for me. The biggest surprise for me was on my 21st B-day when a box arrived at my dorm room. Inside was a souvenir from each place Eric had traveled to!
After what seemed like an eternity I graduated and Eric was based in Hawaii. He asked me to move there with him for the remainder of his duties. It was a blast! About a year later we decided to move to Connecticut close to where my friends from school had been living. We had finally found the most perfect house to move into. The day we moved in, he proposed while standing in the midst of 100 boxes! It couldn’t have been more perfect!

- Submitted By Kerry (Danbury, CT) on Thu, Jan 14th 2010, 09:14

"Will you marry my Daddy?"

Josh and I met at the dog park. Every Sunday, I would take my poodle, Curly Sue to the dog park. I would always notice Josh with his golden retriever, Buddy, but I was to shy to approach him.
One Sunday, Curly Sue and Buddy got into it—they were chasing each other all around—Curly Sue was going after Buddy even though Buddy was twice her size. I stepped in to intervene—as did Josh. We began to talk and one thing lead to another. Before I knew it, we were happily dating- going to the movies, going out to dinner, and of course taking our precious pooches to the dog park for walks.
Things started to get serious, and I sensed that Josh might be proposing soon. I was on pins and needles trying to figure out when and where he would do it. He completely caught me off guard one Sunday before our trip to the dog park.
I rang the doorbell, as usual but I noticed that the front door was slightly open. I pushed the door open, called for Josh. As I did, Buddy ran up to me. He was wearing one of those dog- t shirts—which I thought was strange—Josh wasn’t the type to dress his dog. I looked closer at the t-shirt and gasped—it said “Will you marry my Daddy?” Buddy jumped up, and on his collar was my engagement ring. Josh appeared in the doorway with a huge smile, just in time for me to say YES!

- Submitted By Sandy (Sacramento, CA) on Thu, Jan 14th 2010, 09:12

At Grand Station Terminal

Ever since I was a little girl getting married has always seemed like such a magical experience. From the day I knew what it meant to get engaged, I had visions of what it would look like but I could never have imagined what actually happened when my husband proposed to me. We were going out for a fancy dinner in New York City with both of our families for my 27th birthday. We were making our way to the restaurant which was located in Grand Central Station. My boyfriend at the time turned to me as we were passing the famous clock in the middle and said “hey isn’t this your favorite clock? Do you want a picture?” With no hesitation I said “of course!”, and went to pose for a picture as he then proceeded to get down on one knee and proposed to me. I was in shock and couldn’t help but start crying out of complete joy. As I was trying to get my answer out a crowd started to form around us and my family that was already clapping! It def. reached the expectations I had as a little girl and I will never forget the moment I got engaged!

- Submitted By Nicole (Harrison, New York) on Wed, Jan 13th 2010, 15:16

A movie beginning...

The night of my engagement was unforgettable! My fiancé and I went on a NYC cruise with a bunch of friends this past summer. After dancing the night away on the boat we started to gather our friends to leave. It was pouring rain as we were exiting the boat. My fiancé looked as though he had dropped his jacket into a large puddle, but instead of picking it up he bent down on it with one knee and proposed! I shouted yes! There we were holding each other in the rain. It was truly like I stepped into a movie scene.

- Submitted By Malissa (Long Island, NY) on Wed, Jan 13th 2010, 14:41

A ROCK on the Rock!

My boyfriend and I met while both working on a cruise ship and had the most romantic first few months together. We were so lucky to be able to work and travel at the same time and saw so many wonderful places (while getting paid!!). Our first date was during a Mediterranean Cruise when the ship made a stop at The Rock of Gibraltar. We had such an amazing day exploring the caves, the “monkeys den” and the gorgeous town at the foot of The Rock.
After 6 months at sea, the ship returned to the Med and we decided to “re-live” or first date together in Gibraltar.
As we were wandering along the top of The Rock and looking out to sea, reminiscing about the months we had spent together, Will stopped suddenly and dropped to the ground. I thought he had twisted his ankle and I knelt to the ground next to him!! He said “stand up silly, you’re ruining it!!” to me, and I suddenly realized what he was doing!!! He had a ring in his hand and was asking me to marry him! I of course said YES!
I cannot think of a more wonderful way to start our lives together. We are getting married in the Fall and I am just so happy to have found the man of my dreams.

- Submitted By KJ (Miami, FL) on Wed, Jan 13th 2010, 14:24

Magic in The Kingdom

Aaron and I had been dating since high school, and I was starting to get antsy about him eventually proposing. I had been subtly dropping hints- strategically leaving a bridal magazine at his place, mentioning the engagements of mutual friends. I was starting to make myself crazy, so I resigned myself to putting it out of my mind as best as I could. For my 25th birthday, Aaron and I booked a trip to Disneyworld- A place I hadn’t visited since my childhood. It was always a dream of mine to return to Disney as an adult so that I could really appreciate it.

On our second day at the park, Aaron asked a stranger to take a picture of us in front of the castle at the Magic Kingdom. As the stranger set up to take our photo, Aaron dropped to his knee and presented me with a beautiful emerald cut engagement ring! I was in total shock! The stranger snapped the photo and I started jumping up and down and screaming. The crowd that had started to gather was yelling “answer him!” I was so happy and excited I forgot to answer! I gave Aaron a resounding YES and the crowd applauded as we hugged.
I will never forget the way my now fiancée proposed. It was totally worth the wait!

- Submitted By Mary (Kalamazoo WA) on Wed, Jan 13th 2010, 11:16

My first Christmas

My fiancé decided to propose to me this past Christmas to give me something happy to think about during the holiday. My Mother had passed away in April, and this was going to be my first Christmas without her. My fiancé knew that I was really struggling and so he saved the ring for the last gift. The ring was in a gorgeous box and as it turned out the box had a false door in the bottom. So after what seemed like forever he finally told me that the box opened from the bottom. When I finally opened the box the ring fell out and immediately dropped down onto one and in a stumbling voice asked me to marry him! When I realized what was happening it blew me away. My grief was replaced with joy and told him yes! From the bottom of my heart Yes!

- Submitted By Ashley M. (Houston, TX) on Tue, Jan 12th 2010, 14:48

An amazing surprise

My boyfriend (at the time) lived in Montana and I in West Virginia, so we had a very long distance relationship. It worked ok but we didn’t get to see each other as often as I wanted. As we got closer I began to wonder if we were going to take our relationship to the next level or if he was planning an engagement anytime soon. The tough part was waiting long periods of time between when we would get to see each other so I knew that if he didn’t propose on a certain visit that I would have to wait at least until I saw him again, and I never was quite sure when again would be. On the last visit, which was last week, I was again hoping that perhaps this visit would be the one but when the visit came and went and I drove him the 2 hour drive to the airport I pretty much chalked it up to again to having to wait and wonder.

What I didn’t know at the time was that he actually hadn’t left but instead he rented a car from the airport car rental and followed me back to my house. When I got home, and not wanting to be alone, I took my friends offer of heading out for a dinner. Little did I know it but my friends were in on the surprise and they were ordered to keep me there long enough for my fiancé to get back to the house and hide out in the living room.

Apparently when all was in place he contacted my friends and alerted them to the fact that he was all set and at that point we left the restaurant and they took me home. I remember them seeming a little excited and chatty but I had no idea what was about to happen. On the way home I called him and he told me that he had just landed and that he was waiting at baggage claim. This seemed very normal and sad.

When I got home I figured I would settle in and take a bath. I said goodbye to my friends and went to the door. When I opened it and walked in… he was there! On one knee! He told me, at least I think he told me, that he loved me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, at which point I distinctly remember saying yes about ten times in a row!!

- Submitted By Addison Shartner (White Sulpher Springs, WV) on Sat, May 30th 2009, 12:09

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